Beltron was incorporated in 2017. We were first established as a Building Automation System Integrator specialising in implementation and maintenance of Automation System for integrated building and facility management.

Throughout the years, with the recognition of our excellent record, we manage to secure Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Ruskin, Titus and Triatek distribution and became their channel partners.

To date, leveraging on our BMS, air distribution knowledge and experience, we have evolved into a one stop service controls provider which includes installing, drafting, panel fabricating, testing and commissioning, project management, system programming, air balancing and controls products supplier.

Our Vision

Our vision has remained the same throughout the years:
“To provide excellence customer service at our best ability”.

Our Value

  • Continued improvement is our goal.
  • Day to day, our staff are working on getting our next client, improving our products, and gathering feedback from existing clients on what we could improve, we plan and work forward on market trend.
  • This made us work effectively together by enabling each of us to make aligned decisions independently.