ACT-FA-8001 Fast-Acting Actuator

Triatek’s ACT-FA-8001 is a fast-acting, microprocessor-based actuator with conditioned feedback. It operates on a 24 VAC nominal power supply and delivers a minimum of 50 in. lb. or 5.6 Nm. torque at rated voltage.
The ACT-FA-8001 is designed primarily for Venturi air valves in laboratory fume hood applications. The zero and span and auto-stroking features allows for the sequencing of several motors from the same input signal.
The actuator field can be limited between 45° and 90°, and the input signal can be set to a portion of 2-10 VDC. Once programmed, the actuator’s settings are permanently stored in its non-volatile memory. In the event of a power outage, the unit returns under full torque to its selected fail-safe position.


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