The AMP015 is an AMCA certified, factory assembled and piped airflow measuring probe package. It is designed to easily slip into a slot in the side of your duct for a quick retrofit installation. The probe assembly is custom made to fit any duct up to 60 inches wide and 42 inches tall. The sensing blade is anodized aluminum to ensure years of dependability. The pressure transducer is a micro-machined glass on silicone capacitance sensor, not a flow through device.

This means that the sensor and subsequent flow reading is not susceptible to particulate in the air stream. The AMP015 is the only air measuring probe assembly in the industry that is tested for 1/2 square foot up to 18 sq. ft. and licensed to bear AMC Certified Rating Seal for Airflow Measurement Station Perfomance. If sustainable results are important to your design, the AMP015 is a perfect match.


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