Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality can help you take action to tackle pollution and ensure a healthier environment. The AQI measured by the device indicates the quality of air around you, which in turn can be used to find out the possible ill effects of the air on your cognitive abilities. Now you can take measures to ensure that occupants can breathe clean, feel safe, and live healthy every day.

This feature-packed device not only blends in seamlessly with your decor but also provides the information in a user-friendly way by using colour codes to indicate the air quality. Just tap on the device screen to switch between individual parameters and know your air in one glance.

The Honeywell Indoor Air Quality Monitor can be seamlessly connected to any building management system (BMS) via modbus protocol from the RS485 port which enables you to monitor multiple zones, all from a single location. Now, take an informed decision towards protecting your people from air pollution.


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