Spyder Classic Controller

The PUB and PVB controllers are part of the Spyder family. The three controllers are BACnet MS/TP network devices designed to control HVAC equipment. These controllers provide many options and advanced system features that allow state-of-the-art commercial building control. Each controller is programmable and configurable using the NIAGARA FRAMEWORK® software. The Spyder BACnet controllers require the Spyder BACnet Programmable Feature to be licensed in the WEBpro workbench tool and the WEBS AX JACE Controller for programming and downloading.

The Spyder BACnet Models are also available as Individually Licensed Controllers (ILC). The ILC versions are identical in design and capability in every detail except for the licensing. The Individual Licensing of the Spyder ILCs (the License is built in) allows them to be programmed and downloaded with any brand of the Niagara Workbench or JACE controller. The Spyder ILCs are identified with a suffix on the Part Number of -ILC. Example: PUB6438S-ILC follows all the same Installation Instructions information as the PUB6438S.

The controllers are for use in VAV (Variable Air Volume), Unitary, and advanced HVAC control applications. Each controller contains a host microcontroller to run the main HVAC application and a second microcontroller for BACnet MS/TP network communications. Each controller provides flexible, universal inputs for external sensors, digital inputs, and a combination of analog outputs and digital Triac outputs.


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