SPS-50 Sash Position Sensor

The SPS-50 Sash Position Sensor is an added safety feature used to detect a fume hood’s sash position. As the sash is moved up and down by the user, the SPS-50 communicates with Triatek’s HMS fume hood controller and the hood’s Venturi valve to increase or decrease airflow as necessary to maintain the desired face velocity setpoint.

The SPS-50 provides the fastest and safest approach to instantaneously achieve calibrated airflow requirements. The HMS controller can also utilize a closed loop sidewall sensor in conjunction with the SPS-50 to further fine tune the fume hood’s airflow.

The SPS-50 utilizes a spring-loaded spool, precision potentiometer, and nylon-coated stainless steel cables to measure the position of the fume hood’s sash. Made of rugged polycarbonate, the SPS-50 also features a stainless steel mounting bracket to allow the user to easily orient the sensor in the preferred direction.


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